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Jun 07

What the short form video team are making

Throughout my blogging life I’ve been good. Posting once a week, most of the time. But you will have noticed an absence of activity on here over the last 2 months. I apologise. It’s because I’ve been finishing up my MA at City University and more importantly getting a job!

Here comes the update:

I started 3 weeks ago as part of the brand spanking new short form video team at Future Publishing. If you didn’t know… Future are a big, successful company with titles like Total Film, T3 and Classic Rock under their belt and a big web presence too. I think the ideafor the new team is to push things forward multi-platform style and get a traditionally print-focussed business more into video – cos that’s the future :-)

At the moment we’re making content that sits on T3 and Techradar. Here’s an example of what we make.

I’ve hung up my Techfluff.TV editor boots cos I just don’t have the time anymore, but will still be going along to the odd tech event and doing guest posts now and again. My MA is oh-so-nearly done, having conquered media law exam (fingers crossed I’ll pass) and putting together a short documentary on independent cinemas with James Glynn. I’ll be posting that on here soon.

So now I’m an employed person, a full-on grown up. Which means I have more time in the evenings and weekends which equals more time for blogging. My efforts will be put back into what’s fun and cheap/free in London town.

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