iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: HD Video Comparison

Sep 28

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Video & Camera Test Comparison & Demo. Side by side test of 8MP camera outside, in low light with and without flash and in close up. Which smartphone has the best camera? We test them out on the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy...

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TechRadar vs Anchorman: Bringing you all the latest iPhone 5 News & Rumours

Aug 24

iPhone 5 Release Date, News, Concept, Render, Parody Spoof. The TechRadar iPhone 5 specialist news report, brought to you ahead of the fast approaching release date.

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Android Key Lime Pie: What we want to see

Aug 05

Key Lime Pie – Android 5.0 Rumours & features we’d like to see. Android Key Lime Pie will be the successor to Android Jelly Bean in Google’s mobile operating system life cycle, according to a source. Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0) has only just got out of the blocks and Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1) is still months away, but speculation...

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American Smartphone Psycho

Jul 27

American Smartphone Psycho – Comedy Christian Bale (of current The Dark Knight Rises fame) Parody with iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3, HTC One X & HTC One S. The classic Patrick Bateman business card scene updated for 2012 with the latest Apple & Android...

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iSung Concept Phone

Jun 25

iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 3D Rendering: iSung Galaxy 5 Concept Phone. If Apple and Samsung laid aside their differences and worked together to create the world’s best smartphone they may well come up with something like this… possibly. We’ve taken all the best bits of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and fused it with the most likely elements of the...

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The lost advert from 1985: Samsung Galaxy S3

May 25

Samsung Galaxy S3 – the lost advert from 1985, brought to you by Techradar.

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