Beer Tasting in London: Craft Beer Social Club Review

Apr 28

beer tasting in london craft beer social club old gee spot bitterLoads of places offer wine tasting in London but it’s a lot harder to find beer tasting sessions. Now I’m good with wine, but when it comes to beer, my knowledge doesn’t go very far at all. So to learn more about the brown stuff I booked onto an event with the Craft Beer Social Club.

The Craft Beer Social Club doesn’t have its own premises, so sessions happen in various pubs around London. Our tasting class was at the Hoop and Grapes near Holborn, a small and traditional boozer on the edge of the City.

The session starts with an introduction to beer – its history in the UK and how the characteristics of the three main ingredients affect the flavour of the end product. You’re then given beers with an ‘isolated flavour’ such as grapefruit or coffee. When you’ve got the basics the proper tasting begins with beers from around the country. You’re also encouraged to make notes on the appearance, aroma, palate and flavour of each beer you try. My favourite was Old Gee Spot, a golden bitter from the RCH brewery in Somerset that had a good head and plenty of caramel and malty flavours.

The tasting session was really informative and I came away feeling a lot more knowledgeable about beer in general and also which types I prefer. The varieties we tried were interesting and delicious, so I’d really recommend the Craft Beer Social Club. It’s great value at just £15 per person too!

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