Lardo Restaurant Review: Best Breakfasts in Hackney

Mar 27

Lardo restaurant review hackney restaurant review best london breakfast

Lardo is a type of Italian salami made by curing strips of top-side pork with rosemary and other herbs and spices. In Hackney, Lardo is an Italian eatery by London Fields on Richmond Road.

Atmosphere – 6/10

As you walk through the heavy doors of the Art Haus building, you’ll see that the decor is simple. It’s got the same converted warehouse feel as a lots of trendy places in east London, but Lardo is even more basic. There’s little in the way of decoration, but pretty details like painted china water jugs and fresh flowers give the place some colour. However, the concrete walls and floors seemed a bit unfinished, despite meaning to look that way, and the freezing temperatures outside meant that we wanted the place to be a little more cosy. A few sofas and armchairs to slump in would do the trick.

Food – 8/10

The menu at Lardo centres around traditional Italian food with ingredients like polenta, rabbit and salsa verde featuring heavily. We were there for breakfast and found it difficult to choose despite there only being 5 options.  I was very tempted by panetonne french toast with bacon, but decided on baked eggs with feta, cannelloni beans, spinach and bacon. The dish came in a hot skillet, served alongside toasted ciabatta. Food that’s piping hot is a real treat – especially at breakfast, as I’m served luke-warm food all too often. When my order came, I really couldn’t fault it – the yolks ticked my preferred half and half box (runny/firm), so perfect for dipping and the bite of the beans and salty feta and bacon worked perfectly together.

Service – 9/10

Service at Lardo was great. We were greeting by a friendly waitress at the door and throughout our breakfast staff were pleasant and attentive but not over-bearing. We had a couple of questions about the menu too, which were answered informatively.

Price – 8/10

Breakfast for 2 with a hot drink each came to an extremely reasonable £19.

Verdict – 7.75 / 10

Lardo is on my doorstep, so I’ve been meaning to visit for a while. When I finally did, I was really impressed. Despite feeling a little cold inside from the basic decor and furnishings, our breakfast was delicious and service was top notch too. We can’t wait to go back for dinner and try more of the excting and expert sounding menu.

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