Jul 28

I’ve just spent 2 weeks at Heart Bournemouth (formerly 2cr) working with the news team. There were far fewer people in the office than I’m used to at other stations, but this meant that everyone was closer and - if I’m honest – friendlier. News has contracted over the last year, as Gcap has become Global and that’s divided itself into Hearts or Galaxys. Bulletins are now just 90 seconds and these are only local at 6-9am and 4-7pm, with the rest throughout the day networked from Heart London.

Most days I was out collecting interviews. I spoke to members of the public, the police, kids at schools and a local M.P. I had lots of practice at writing copy and wrote up  stories at length  for the website, complete with pictures and video. My personal favourite was going down to Bournemouth beach and meeting 2 camels - you can see a video here.  Journalists there have offered me some voice training before I go back up to uni too.

A great placement at Heart Bournemouth, made an absolute pleasure by all the great staff that work there.

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