BBC Headroom

Jul 20

This weekend I volunteered to help out at the BBC Headroom project at the Mela festival in Southampton. It aims to raise awareness to mental health and well-being through taster sessions in yoga, bongo-drums and clay sculpture.

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people whether it’s full blown depression or anxiety attacks. Headroom offers people a chance to take a break from their day and relax.

There’s  tents where you can chill out and listen to music reclining on a bean bag or pick up a classic book and relax on a giant deckchair. I helped out on the ‘Mood of The Nation’ board, which gauged how the people of Southampton were feeling. You picked your mood; happy, sad, chilled, excited or cheeky and stuck a corresponding sticker where you live on the map. There was also a ‘Thank Tank’ where people could write down who or what they were thankful for…. stickers ranged from food, to pets to friends and family.

Headroom’s been at a number of small festivals around the country, including Radio 1′s Big Weekend in Swindon and has forthcoming events at Nottingham’s Riverside Festival at the end of July and Your Game in Glasgow on the 5th August.

It was great to see so many smiling faces and people enjoying themselves.

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