How your blog can help get you a job – by 3 people who did it.

Oct 26

Speaking at City University, 3 young journalists tell a room full of wannabe hacks the secrets to their success.

And all of them are (sickeningly) under 25.

Josh Halliday, trainee Media reporter at The Guardian.

  • Network using Twitter – coversate and contribute in the circles you want to work in
  • Build a brand for yourself, but be yourself
  • Be patient – following and being followed by the right people takes time
  • Let your work (online portfolio) precede you
  • Content is KING
  • Have fun

Dave Lee, broadcast journalist for BBC World Service

  • Respond and comment on things you are passionate about
  • Get your name known through as many channels as possible – Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr… etc
  • Use a range of platforms to showcase your work

Conrad Quilty-Harper, data mapping reporter at The Telegraph

  • SEO -  make sure people get YOU when they Google your name
  • Self promotion
  • Converse online in the circles you want to get into
  • Inform
  • Be useful
  • Be proud of what you’re doing


  1. Brilliant post, it has everything you need and more. Anyone who missed the lecture would seriously benefit from your note taking skills! Can I blogroll your site?

  2. Of course you can! With my notes and your videos people are sorted with how to bag a job with a blog.

    Lucy x

  3. Great job done :) .Please add me to your blogroll.

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