Bournemouth Surf Reef

Aug 19

After 15 months  in the making and £1.4 million of funding, the Bournemouth surf reef is nearly complete as the final stage gets under way this week.
The main structure of the artificial reef is in place and this last step involves checking the final details of the structure and ensuring it’s been built exactly according to the original design requirements.

The reef, which is situated near to the pier at Boscombe beach, is the first to be built in European waters and is one of only 4 artificial surf constructions world-wide (others are in Narrowneck, Queensland; Cables, Western Australia and Mt.Maunganui, New Zealand).

It’s made of geo-textile sand bags assembled in an area the size of a football pitch on the sea-bed, with the total weight of the bags at around 2,500 tonnes. The construction will work by forcing existing waves higher and it’s hoped that the design will provide a grade 5 wave on a day with good swell, which is big enough to hold surf competitions.

The reef is on track to be open for surfers by September this year. Follow it’s progress on Twitter @bournemouthreef.

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