Duedil finds out all you need to know about individual businesses – for TechFluffTV

Apr 05

You may have heard about Duedil. There’s been quite a lot of hype about them as of late.

They’re a business reputation tool that has some nifty algorithms pulling in data from all sorts of places in the blink of an eye. They’ve also just won £50,000 worth of investment from DFJ Espirit at Geek n Rolla 2011 last week in London.

What it does:

Duedil accesses 15 billion data points on 7.7 million companies worldwide. Users search the name of a company and results are brought back on profit and loss, shares, average salary, any litigations, employees LinkedIn profiles, Quora questions, tweets… the list is almost endless. There’s also a ‘local search’ tool where you can find out business information geographically. For example searching for all the locksmiths in Soho.

Biggest problem so far:

Understandably when some businesses first see the app at work they’re shocked at the amount and significance of the information that is thrown back in search results. But CEO Damian Kimmelman says all the data is out in the public domain, Deudil just aggregates it neatly in one place.

Can I sign up?

They’re still in alpha and so rolling services out slowly – but you can sign up. As it’s still early stages you’re asked to link to the app through Twitter and Facebook etc and the most social users are rewarded with more access to tools on the site.

What’s next?

With the recent funding boost, they’re taking on a new developer and there’s plans to incorporate news articles featuring searched for companies in results.

It’s pretty hard to get your head around the power of Duedil if you don’t see it working in real life, so check out the demo with Damain below:


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