Internet Week Launch Party – for TechFluffTV

Nov 10

After 3 successful years in New York, Internet Week comes to Europe for the very first time this week. I went for TechFluffTV to the launch party in London.


  1. Great start(?) to your work/time with Techfluff.TV.

    Next step… adding a bit of your own comment into the mix :-)

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for you comment. Yes, it was my first gig for TechhFluffTV. Next time there will be more discussion from me… and hopefully some better lighting!

    Lucy x

  3. Good good :-)

    Maybe see you at the Newspepper party on the 22nd?

    • Yes indeed. DMD at the launch party on Monday said internet peeps throw the best parties….

      Looking forward to it!

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