Nottingham Light Night

Feb 13


Nottingham was lit up last night as part of it’s annual Light Night celebrations. It’s the third year of the festival, which looks to bring a ‘new and diverse audience to the city’. Across the centre the streets, theatres, cafes and churches were filled with installations, candles and lanterns, turning the city into a magical place. There was a candle-lit choir sevice inside St Mary’s church, the oldest in Nottingham, stilt-walkers and electronic robots performed through the streets and there was live music from folk and ska bands in Market Square. Children could play in the secret gardens and there were ghost tours at The Galleries of Justice and a lazer and lights show in the castle grounds. Highlights were ‘The Dukes Dukebox’, where a blues band performed in a tiny caravan, taking requests from the audience as they selected a song from the catalogue and punched in the corresponding numbers and an open-air disco fronted by Leftlion djs.

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