New Year. New Beginnings.

Jan 05

When the first day of January rolls around, our airwaves become inundated with ‘Make Yourself Better’ adverts and campaigns. This year I’d barely taken off my Christmas cracker hat before Martine McCutcheon was running down the road in a beret shouting about healthy yogurts. You’ve got the weight loss programmes, half price home exercise machines and low fat ready meals. It seems everyone’s trying to cash in on people making new years resolutions and sticking to them.

But despite the advertising overload, new year is a good chance to review the one past, see what went well and see what went wrong. I am a firm believer in resolutions and I do stick to them. Here are mine so far:

1. Cut down on alcohol.

2. Give blood. (I’m scared of needles).

3. Do a full shift reading bulletins on an FM station (paid or unpaid).

4. Shop less. When I buy something new, I must give a similar item to charity.

I’ll be updating my progress on all of these. Have a great 2010 y’all.

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