New Years Resolutions *update*

Apr 15

1. Cut down on alcohol.

2. Give blood. (I’m scared of needles).

3. Do a full shift reading bulletins on an FM station (paid or unpaid).

4. Shop less. When I buy something new, I must give a similar item to charity.

I gave blood today, so I thought I’d update my progress on all of my other resolutions. I was petrified but madesure I drank lots of fluids so my blood flowed quickly and I was done in 5 minutes.

I applied for free lance work at Heart East Midlands and was called for interview. They offered me a 2 week unpaid placement in May which I may have to decline due to commitments at the student radio, but they also wanted help with their elections coverage in the run up to polling day. They were unclear whether these shifts would be paid but it’s well on the way to a ‘proper’ shift and I’m hoping they’ll let me read a voicer – which I think counts!

I have shopped marginally less, but have not managed to collect up old clothes for charity – yet. It’s going to be a big project as I have a lot of them and so I will be tackling it over the summer when I have more time.

As for alcohol consumption, I need to work a bit harder on that one… but I’ve still got 8 months to go…

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