Sky News’s Adam Boulton shows me their first iPad app. It looks great but what about being social?

Mar 16

Sky News has launched their very first iPad app where users can access bespoke and exclusive content through their tablet on the go.

After being in production for over a year, executive producer of Sky News online John Jelley said the app is all about choice for the user and depth of news coverage.


There’s a team of journalists and a dedicated editor creating and sorting content for the app so that users get a unique and more in-depth news experience.

You can view the news stories in a magazine style format or as a time-line, looking at stories chronologically as they broke over the previous 24hours.

You can also watch multiple live feeds streamed straight from the Sky News channels.


It’s free to Sky subscribers and to everyone else for the first few months. Eventually non-Sky subscribers will be charged around £3.

What I liked:

Rich content with oodles of extra video, comment and analysis for a truly comprehensive look at a news story. Lots of what is on the app is bespoke and you can browse through related graphics, galleries, graphs and tables.

Being able to keep a video playing whilst browsing through other articles.

It’s intuitive, pretty and very easy to find your way around.

What I wasn’t so keen on:

There’s virtually no social element. Sky’s paywall gets in the way of sharing content from the app and so if you like something, you can’t shout about it.

There are plans to encorporate Sky journalists’ twitter feeds into the app but at present it’s a social media free zone – which kinda sucks in 2011.


John Jelley said they are very much seeing this as a first version and will be asking all users for feedback to start work on updates and improvements. If you have suggestions you can visit the Sky News iPad app mini-site or send an email to

From the feedback they’ll decide which platform to roll out onto next.

There are also plans for UGC when the iPad 2 comes along with it’s front and back facing cameras.

Here’s Sky News political editor Adam Boulton showing me how the new app works:

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