Dante Fried Chicken Review: Ride or Fry Cook Book Launch

Apr 22

dante fried chicken review london fried chicken review

Legendary LA based fried chicken aficionado Dante Gonzales came over to London to launch his new cook book ‘Ride of Fry‘. The man behind Dante Fried Chicken aka DFC originally took culinary inspiration from his Creole grandmother and set up a pop-up gourmet food truck that won the Thrillest Best Los Angeles Food Truck.

For two weekends only, DFC set up shop in Catch on Kingsland Road, normally home to Death by Burrito. Decor and staff remained the same so I’ll just focus on the food in this review.

Food – 6/10

On the menu were fried chicken burritos, tacos and tamales. We were there for what Dante is famous for so we ordered burritos that came with ‘drunken’ rum soaked rice and peas, plantain chips and something of a twist on afro-caribbean cuisine – black sesame kimchi.

Portions were small for the £12 we paid, but there was a good variety of sides to try. The sweet and salty sesame kimchi was particularly tasty but the rice and peas sounded a lot better than they tasted and the plantain chips were cold.

The main event was mixed. The fried chicken was beautifully moist on the inside and fried to perfection on the outside – crunchy and spicy. However the burrito was disappointingly under filled. There was no rice or refried beans, and all that was wrapped up with the chicken was some iceberg lettuce and tomato. The only saving grace was a sweet and tangy apricot sauce drenched over the tortilla wrap.

Price – 5/10

Portions were small for the price, considering we were eating fancy fried chicken in a bar. It was also disappointing to be served our food on cardboard trays, something that works fine from street food trucks, but not so much when you’re sat down at a table and paying £12 a pop.

Verdict – 5.5/10

The fried chicken itself was delicious and definitely some of the best I’ve ever tasted, but the burrito lacked filling and was bland because of it. The sides sounded great on the menu but were a bit style over substance in reality save for the flavoursome black sesame kimchi and sweet apricot sauce. I think DFC would work better as a burger with more sauce and toppings and I’d like really plates and cutlery if I’m at a table in the restaurant and paying accordingly!

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