Free Art with First Thursdays

Oct 06

First Thursdays gives you the chance to see cutting edge art and exhibitions in east London for free. Museums and galleries open up their doors on the first Thursday of every month from 6-9pm and tomorrow night’s event has a lot on offer.

Last night I went along to a selection of this month’s open galleries. Behind Spitalfields market in Shoreditch, the Raven Row gallery was showing ‘Polytechnic’, a collaborative project which aims to ‘develop new relationships between experimental media and ideas of narrative’. The pieces were displayed around rooms in a house, which forced you to walk around and discover the art for yourself. There was a real mix of pieces, in a range of mediums from inscriptions on tiles to film and sound recordings. One of the most interesting pieces used a whole room and was based on the locations that Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper, left the bodies of his victims in the 1980s.

The NO:ID gallery is a tiny space near to the Whitechapel Gallery and was hosting ‘Photographic Gaps’ which ‘reflects on the paradoxes inherent in pictorial representation’. The biggest collection focused on the identity of the urban fox and how recent news stories have riled campaign groups for and against the animals. There were also pretty graphic photos dotted about, picturing unusual sexual acts between animals and humans and toy figures, but this was all made light hearted by the live music from Elephant 12 and free beer.

There were over a hundred exhibitions across east London and so lots more to see than what we managed to get around. The next one is on Thursday 4th November, so get it in your diaries to see some great modern art for free and pick up a couple of free drinks while you’re browsing too.

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