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May 14

patty and bun restaurant review best burger in london

I finally got myself to Patty and Bun, to try the burgers that are often honoured with the title of ‘best burger in London’. Patty and Bun opened last year and has had rave reviews and massive queues out the door ever since. The best burger I’ve had so far in London is at Lucky Chip at the Sebright Arms in Hackney. Delicious lean meat cooked to perfection, brioche bun, thick-cut gherkins and burger sauce make it a winner, so I went to Patty and Bun with high expectations.

Decor & Atmosphere – 8/10

The place is pretty small, with only 8 or so tables and space for around 30, which explains the crowds waiting outside at busy periods. We had a late Friday lunch and queued at 2.30 for 30 minutes for a six-seater table. Decor is simple – wooden tables and chairs that look like the kind you had at school, low hanging lights over the tables and burger art on the walls. Of course it was busy when we were there, but as it’s small and there aren’t many tables that can be filled, the atmosphere was buzzy rather than crowded.

Food – 8/10

As it was my first time, I went for the classes ‘Ari Gold’ burger, Patty’s signature cheese burger that comes with lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, cheese and the special P&B smokey mayo sauce. Patty & Bun’s burger patties are a secret blend of 35-day aged, grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef, freshly ground every day. The chips are triple cooked and covered in rosemary salt, and the smoked confit chicken wings are a must – glazed with BBQ sauce and sprinkled with shredded spring onions.

The burger was great – cooked medium rare and moist but not greasy. The special sauce was tangy to complement the meat and all was lovingly encased in a decent sized brioche bun, so there was no falling out / falling apart nonsense. My only criticism is that there were no gherkins, and I love gherkins in my burgers. Lucky Chip hand cut their slices so they’re nice and chunky and I think the sweet tangy gherkin slices really make a burger. The skin-on chips were crispy but hadn’t been repeatedly fried so much that there was no potato left. The chicken wings were to die for – the confit made them melt-in-the-mouth tender and the sticky BBQ sauce was delicious. I’m not a big chicken-wing fan but these are the best I’ve ever had.

Service – 9/10

It was busy when we went, but the service was top knotch. Our fairly complicated order (burgers without tomatoes, some with extra bacon and sauces etc) came exactly as we had ordered and despite the queues, we were’t rushed through our meal at all.

Price – 9/10

A cheese burger, rosemary salt fries and a portion of chicken wings to share plus a diet coke came to a very reasonable £13. It’s only glorified fast food, but trendy London specialists like Patty & Bun could easily hike up their prices with all the media coverage they’ve had in just 6 months.

Verdict – 8.5/10

Queuing is annoying, but also the sign of a great place. The food was delicious and worth (almost) all of the hype, service was good and the atmosphere is buzzy but not overly-busy. Patty and Bun burgers have been the flavour of the month for a while now, with the likes of Goodmans, Meat Liquor, Tommie’s, Hache and a number of others all in the running for the coveted title of ‘best burger in London’. My personal favourite has always been Lucky Chip but Patty and Bun definitely gives them a run for their money. Overall experience is better than the dingy Sebright Arms in Hackney (although the simplicity of burgers in a local east London boozer is what I love about them), because Patty and Bun take more care in piling up the toppings, presentation and service. The burger itself is on-par with Lucky Chip, but if gherkins were involved, it’d win.

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