Reilly Rocket Review: East London Breakfast

Aug 27

Reilly Rocket review breakfast east london kingsland road

There are loads of decent coffee shops and breakfast spots on Kingsland road in Dalston but Reilly Rocket has to be one of the very best. Inspired by the cafes in Melbourne but with a focus on local coffee and produce, I really couldn’t fault the place.

Atmosphere and Decor – 9/10

Reillys is small but bright and airy with a glass front. We were there mid-morning on a Monday, so it was quiet but pleasantly buzzing with regulars popping in for takeaway. I suspect it gets rather full on the weekends with only a handful of tables, so queueing might be in order. Whitewashed brick walls are adorned with various trinkets and vintage memorabilia and there are lots of flowers and plants that keep things homely.

Food – 10/10

Breakfast is a tough choice as everything on the menu sounds delicious. After lots of deliberation and bargaining with Mr T, we decided on halve-sing sweet and savoury options. First up was eggs. Poached to perfection sat atop beautifully spiced sweet potato cakes with lots of cumin for a subtle kick. The spices were offset by a chunky raita with plenty of cucumber and complimented with some juicy fried chorizo. A pile of lightly dressed rocket and a lime wedge finished the dish. The flavours and textures worked fantastically together and everything was cooked exactly how it should be, one of the best breakfast plates I’ve ever had.

Reilly Rocket review breakfast east london kingsland road french toast

On the sweet side we ordered the French toast. This was no ordinary French toast as it was made from croissants with the toppings sandwiched in-between two slices. Lightly battered and fried so that it wasn’t stodgy like you sometimes get with big hunks of bread. The ravioli French toast at Duke’s Brew and Que is guilty of this. The croissant-toast pieces are wrapped around grilled banana and mascarpone and finished with toasted almonds and Canadian maple syrup. Once again the textures complimented each other perfectly, with the creamy mascarpone, crunchy nuts and soft but not squidgy banana. I couldn’t fault it.

Coffee was top notch too. Square Mile beans, so on the strong side, and my soya cappuccino froth was firm and plentiful.

Service -10/10

Service was with a smile at all times, and our waiter made conversation above the usual small talk. Everyone that came in during our breakfast seemed to know the staff so it was lovely being somewhere so local and friendly. There are a few unusual ingredients on the menu and our questions were answered in detail without having to consult another server, which happens all too often!

Price – 10/10

Both plates of food were substantial, and plenty enough to set us up for the day, so a bloody bargain at £6.50 each.

Brunch with coffee for two was £20.

Verdict – 10/10

Reilly Rocket is my new favourite place. An exciting menu that features all the usual breakfast ingredients but with creative twists like dukkah (an Egyptian savoury granola made from nuts and spices), sweet potato cakes and French toast croissants. It’s fantastic value with great service too. The only downside is that it isn’t a huge place, so it’s sure to get busy on weekends, but the queue will be worth it.

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