The Attendant Review: London Coffee Shop in an Old Toilet

Apr 13

the attendant london coffee shop converted toilet the attendant review

The Attendant is a central London coffee shop with a difference – it’s situated in a converted toilet. But don’t let that put you off, the coffee is some of the best around and the breakfast snacks and sweet treats are delicious too.

Atmosphere and Decor – 9/10

You’ll find The Attendant in one of those old public toilets where you go down steps to enter and they’re surrounded by wrought iron railings. It’s actually quite a beautiful little building and has been impeccably restored. There’s only one table inside, so most people are sat on high chairs in front of urinals. Now these urinals are classy urinals – the traditional ceramic type, and I’m pleased to say that they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Because of the size of the place it’s really only suitable for coffee and a quick bite, but they do serve breakfast. Decor is simple, and focussed around the toilet theme – with beautiful antique cisterns whose chains hang above your head.

Food – 8/10

The Attendant serve normal cafe affair including cakes, pastries and sandwiches but also offer a small and impressive brunch menu. When we went options included chocolate pancakes, pastry with ham, cheese and a fried egg and my choice which was French toast with vanilla mascarpone and berries. I’m not the biggest French toast fan as it can go so wrong. Cheap white bread is a common mistake and then it can be too stodgy, not crispy on the outside or drowned in syrup. The French toast at the attendant, however, was perfect in every way. Two thick slices of good quality bread with a decent crust had been lovingly soaked in a little egg – not too much – and gently fried to leave a crisp outer edge whilst maintaining a spongy, not soggy, middle. It also came with an obligatory drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar.

Alongside my French toast (not on top of it, which is usually, disappointingly the case) were fresh berries and melon with a few sprigs of mint thrown in. All the flavours complemented each other perfectly – especially with the clever addition of the mint.

The coffee is from Caravan beans and was brewed excellently. No residue in the bottom of the cup and gorgeously bitter and rich.

Service – 8/10

The few staff that can fit inside The Attendant (2 waiting staff and a chef) were extremely helpful and smiley. Our food was brought swiftly and tap water was offered with our coffee, which was infused with cucumber. Attention to detail was great.

Price – 8/10

Two coffees and two breakfast snacks came to £12.30.

Verdict 8.25/10

If you need somewhere for a quick coffee and breakfast in central London and fancy something a little quirky, then this is the place to go. It’s small and busy so not where you’d want to spend hours nursing a hot drink with a paper, but perfect for something quick. The coffee is delicious and the ever-changing food items are fresh, inventive and tasty. It’s now my go-to place for coffee and cake with a friend in central London.

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