Crack Pipes + Acid Trips at High Society

Dec 11

The illicit drugs trade is estimated at £200bn a year. But the use of psychoactive drugs is nothing new and the ones that are common in today’s world – caffeine, tobacco and alcohol  - have all been illegal in the past.

High Society is an exhibition of photography, immersive art, advertising, artefacts, literature and film on mind altering drugs. It’s a vast collections of all sorts from ancient Chinese opium pipes to a series of photographs taken at different stages in an acid trip in the 1970s; Victorian cocaine eye-drops to posters pushing the health benefits of Laudanum. You learn how illicit drugs were first discovered, manufactured and used. How attitudes to drugs and alcohol have developed through history and differ from country to country.

The exhibition is FREE and on at The Wellcome Exhibition on Euston Road until 27 February 2011.

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