BarCamp Bournemouth 2

Apr 11

So today I became a proper geek. For those of you who don’t know, a Barcamp is a free conference which can last for a day, a weekend or longer where delegates give talks on a subject of their choice. At the beginning of the day a timetable is drawn up and slots of around an hour are dished out. The idea is for people to share information and lead demos and discussions in an open environment. A friend of mine organised Barcamp Bournemouth 2 and suggested I come along for a couple of sessions which would be useful for journos.

I was only there for a couple of hours but I learnt lots. I sat in on a discussion about copyright law, lead by a lawyer in the field and then a debate on the Digital Economy Bill which was forced through the commons earlier this week. Most were dissatisfied with MPs lack of understanding about clauses in the bill but also how the majority of those that will be affected by the new legislation are unaware of it’s importance. For me the most interesting comment made was that the reaction from the tech world to the bill highlighted wider problems in politics. That MPs should be given more support from specialists and experts to properly understand issues they are dealing with in Parliament, there should be more transparency for the public on exactly how new laws will affect them and that more needs to be done to ensure MPs are representing their constituents accurately.

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