Social Media Win

Apr 09

Tomorrow every Facebook user in the UK will be asked if they are registered to vote when they log into their account. If you’re not, it’ll direct you to the registration page. It’s in a bid to get the group (18-24 year olds) that has the lowest voter turn-out to step up and decide who they want to run the country on May 6th.

Reports out today have given mixed views on the voting drive, with some commenting that the advert is patronising and invasive. I completely disagree. I think that it’s going to reach a large and important sector of the electorate that are very influential. The majority of the social networking site’s 23 million British users are in this 18-24 age group. This group includes all the students and young people who will be the teachers, doctors, mechanical engineers, and not forgetting the journalists, of the future.

Most of this age-group will be well aware of the election coming up at the beginning of next month but may just need a little push to get round to registering in between episodes of Come Dine With Me. If an ad pops up next time we log onto our Facebook profile, directing us to a web page where we can register from the comfort of our bedrooms, someone else’s bedroom or where ever else we may be on a Saturday morning, in 5 minutes, it’s definitely going to get more young people involved in politics and voting.

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