Incredible India

Jan 08

Over Christmas I was in India. My trip was cut short due to the travel chaos at Heathrow caused by snow, but I managed to get out there in the end.

I flew into Goa and travelled down to Palolem beach in the south of the region. A palm-lined paradise full of backpackers enjoying beach shacks and yoga.

Palolem Beach, Goa

After spending 8 hours in Margoa train station (ours was 6 hours late!) we travelled on an over-night train 500 miles south to Cochin, the capital of Kerala.

From the train carriage en route from Goa to Ernakulum, Cochin.

We visited Munnar – India’s highest tea plantation.

Tea pickers coming down from the plantations in the hills of Munnar, Kerala

Cochin is built on 7 islands joined by bridges. Fishermen use ancient Chinese fishing nets that scoop down into the water on wooden shafts.

Fishermen in Fort Kochi, infront of ancient Chinese fishing nets

Traditional Kathkali makeup, costume and dancing – a stylised Indian dance-drama that retells ancient Hindu teachings.

Traditional Indian Kathakali dance-drama

Over the centuries there has been lots of movement in and out of Cochin. It’s history is a rich tapestry of different religions and races mixing Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Jewish and Catholicism.

Washing hung out to dry outside a communal washroom

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