MerriMaking money from furry animal hoods – for TechFluff.TV

Feb 03

What started as a bit of fun at a festival is now a fast-growing business selling in Selfridges and to a whole host of celebrities.

Meg and Harry are MerriMaking. They make custom furry animal hoods and a select few items of creative clothing. They do a wide range of furry friends including foxes, lambs, bears and wolves and if you want something specific, you can send in your own ideas.

There’s a lot of love for these girls and what they do so they ask their fans to promote the brand with guerilla marketing – to win a gorilla hood. There’s been oragami swans decorated with the web address set flying around London and even fruit and veg at a grocery stall etched with the MerriMaking name.

There’s a monthly special hood too – this month it’s a raccoon.

Ellie Goulding helped them hit the big time when photos of her wearing one of their hoods on stage at Bestival last year were everywhere.

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