Under Milk Wood

Mar 21

As part of my performance module we have to put together a 30 minute piece incorporating theory we’ve covered in workshops. The play we have chosen to do is a dark comedy, originally written for radio, Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’. It’s set in a remote sea-side village in Wales and we get a glimpse of all the weird and disturbing residents over the course of a day. The dramaturgies we are using are mainly taken from Marinetti’s Futurism, with elements of Brechtian and Artaudian theatre thrown in too. Along with Jamie, I’m directing the piece so have had lots of decisions to make.

We’re including as much physical theatre as possible, my personal favourite is our live cuckoo clock made of people.

It’s been tough leading the group and having to think creatively about how we want every scene to look, but it will be worth it in the end. The performance is on the 13th & 14th May. Photo’s of the final product will be put up then.

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